MEA (Matanuska Electric Cooperative) Power Line Clearing Equipment

MEA (Matanuska Electric Cooperative) Power Line Clearing Equipment

In keeping with the ‘everything’s bigger up here’ trend I share this image. The vehicle was left over the weekend just to the west of my place on East Barge Drive. Its the perfect engineering answer to the need to cut back growth from the boreal forest that encroaches on the power lines. These units are remarkably effective and appear to be able to go just about anywhere!

Snow Covered Power Lines

Snow Covered Power Lines

Perhaps the best example I can give of the lack of wind in this area is this image of overhead power lines covered in snow from two days earlier. With almost no wind during the snow events and none afterward the snow literally collects where it falls. Today was a cold one with our warmest reading of -9.5 F occurring at 00:40 AKST and the coolest reading of -17.5 F observed at 10:40. This gives us a mean temp, to this point, of -13.5 F