Mr. Murphy Rides Again..!

Happy Labor Day to all from the Beaver Creek RV Motel in Beaver Creek, Yukon Territories!  This post will be very short as I have to get on the road ASAP.  Me and the kidz made 465 miles yesterday; traffic was generally light and the roads were good until we hit the Tok Cut-off.  Talk about the road from Hell!!  Posting a 55 mph speed limit was a cruel joke; the road condition was so bad the final 40 odd miles I was often forced to drive no more than 35 mph!  This really slowed our progress.  The first 15 miles of The Alaska Highway in Canada is almost solid construction with the need for a pilot car on 12 of said 15 miles.  But we prevailed and finally made Beaver Creek.

After settling in, getting the kidz a walk, water and food I lit my laptop for an update.  Then the fun began!!  I tried to go into Gmail; I was given the typical login screen which I filled in.  Then the damn app came back with a message saying it didn’t recognize the machine I was using and had to send me a text message on my cell phone.  Wonderful; my cell doesn’t function in Canada!!  I was offered no other options and nothing I could do would allow me to log into the service.  By this time it was 20:40 PDT and I was beat so I just gave up and called it a day.  Overnight it occurred to me I should be able to access WordPress – obviously, I can  – so I could use it to update some folks.  But a load of folks I communicate with just use email and to this point I have no way of ‘talking’ with them.  I was going to purchase a $20 pre-paid cell at the first Canadian 7-Eleven I found to handle ‘in country’ communications.  But that’s not gonna help with all those folks in the lower 48 nor the handful of foreign folks.  I think I’m going to have to activate my cell for one lousy day at $10 just to get a damn text message from Gmail so I can get into my system.  Yes, I have an Outlook account as well but I hardly use it and therefore it lacks all the email addresses I need.  Score one for Mr. Murphy!

Okay, time to get moving so I’ll close for now and leave ya with a couple of images.  The Escape runs like the well oiled machine it is and outside of Qanuk’s infrequent verbal complaints about being a ‘back seat captive’ the kidz did very well.  The Canadian customs gentleman was so impressed he gave each of them a treat and complimented me on their great looks and behavior.  Hoping to make Watson Lake, YT but at 548 miles that might be a bit ambitious.  Hope all is well with everyone; enjoy the final summer holiday!


A very full Escape!


Crappy conditions just over the Canadian border on The Alaska Highway