​That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  

This little piece is so ‘right on’!! Attitude is everything and if you can find ways to keep your attitude upbeat and positive you will always benefit…


That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  You would think I have gone mad right! And what if I told you, that we interpret the world based on our emotions, would you believe me!
Imagine you started listing down all the red coloured objects that pass your sight during the day, you will notice a strange and wonderful thing. You will start to notice so many objects that are coloured red around you, that you never noticed before. From your home, to your work place or even by just taking a walk outside.You will even start to notice things that resemble the colour red and accept them for being close to red.

It’s not that all those objects have magically appeared overnight, or that everybody just decided to rent a red car for the day. No, it’s because you’re actively focused on noticing…

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2 thoughts on “​That famous saying seeing is believing, What if I said Believing is seeing!  

  1. Yes, it is right on. The funniest odd thing? I have so needed these sorts of words today and I keep finding them EVERYWHERE! I was trying to sleep last night. OK, at 4 this morning, and tears leaked from under my lids as I asked WHY? So angry at myself for being so tired and wondering if all this is happening to make me realise I do not matter and to keep me humble and in my place. To learn to keep my mouth shut and to be the 50 plus child who needs direction. Bless you for posting this!

    • So HAPPY this came at a time you needed the wisdom! Kris, what you are doing is extremely stressful and it worries me it is intruding into your sleep cycles. I know from experience this happens and its not like we can throw a switch and turn off our sometimes rambunctious sub-consciousness but you need to do everything you can to get sleep, take time for your self and do anything else you can to mitigate the pressure and strain you live with on a daily basis. Please, please do take care of yourself if for no other reason than just imagine where you Mom would be if you weren’t able to offer so much care!

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