A Different View of the Human-Earth Relationship

Only watch this when you have the ten minutes it requires; I guarantee you will not think the time wasted (https://www.youtube.com/embed/mMq1FqiM8Qc)!  This is not your ‘typical’ collage of spectacular landscapes and breath-taking scenery.  Believe me, there’s more than enough of both but I was even more enamored of the idea that human beings were shown positively interacting with the world around them!  I’m sick to death of the core belief held by so many uber-liberal factions that humans are innately ‘out of step’ with this world and at their core are evil and bent on destroying everything around them whether by ignorance or animus.  Sure, we make more than our share of stupid moves and only recently have we really started to consider the consequences of some initiatives before we make our decisions (Life is all about making choices which always require decisions which have consequences) but then this is also how we learn.  Just within the past few decades have we obtained the technology which forces us to really begin to think about the human race as ‘one’ species beholden to this awesome planet; now we need to catch up in terms of our philosophies and belief systems.  I think some of this lagging social and spiritual development is behind the wildly radical viewpoints and ‘solutions’ to Earth’s issues we’ve seen of late; it’s a classic case of our technology outpacing our morals and ethics.  But instead of denigrating the entire species as evil solipsistic destroyers of ‘nature’ how about we spend that same energy in coming together around existing issues when we can?  It’ll be a slow start but once we see positive results I’d wager we, the human race, will do so more and more.

My only complaint is the video resolution was just 480p; I’d bet those spectacular images would be even more breath-taking in 720p let al0ne 1080p.  My favorites were the parrot sequence, the dog rescue and the lion-human reunion; in addition I believe I saw Dr. Jane Goodall as well.  Enjoy; this one is a keeper!

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