Compatibility Issues Between WordPress and Firefox in Windows 7

I just wanted to give everyone a ‘head’s up’ regarding an issue I’ve seen which has been replicated by other bloggers on WordPress.  It appears there is a compatibility issue between WordPress and the Firefox browser which effects the ability to post comments.  I am currently using Firefox 31.0 which is the latest version as of this date (08/24/14) and I run Windows 7 Pro SP 1.  I can read other blogger’s posts but when I attempt to comment while I can see the comment box and I can type in my response when I hit the ‘Post Comment’ button I immediately get the following error message; ‘Sorry, your comment cannot be posted’.  The WordPress staff has been notified of this situation.  In communicating with other bloggers I am not the only one seeing this issue.  In doing a bit of research on my own I’ve discovered that using ‘Chrome’ I have no issues posting comments while IE seems to work about 90% of the time.  This does not effect all bloggers on WordPress and it seems to be variable as some days I can post comments to a blog from within Firefox yet on other days I see the aforementioned error.  All told this is frustrating because we affected bloggers might have seen many more comments from less technically savvy folks who just gave up when they couldn’t post their comment rather than try another browser.  For now my advice is if you like to comment please use Chrome or IE when perusing blogs on WordPress; as of right now Firefox seems to be something of a crap shoot…

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