Outta The Box

Hi All!  I took the plunge and created another blog site on ‘WordPress’ which I will use for my philosophically based meanderings and political/societal commentary.  Currently you will have to access it via: ‘alatla.wordpress.com’ although once the system recycles it should be accessible via ‘outtathebox.in’.  I will continue to use ‘talkeetnatraces.com’ as the site for my Alaskan experiences and learnings; as this site was my first blog and deals with a situation very near and dear to my heart it will continue to see regular postings.  I cannot tell how much I will be using ‘Outta The Box’ right now; I suspect it will see less routine additions.  Surprisingly I already received two very positive reviews for the initially posting on the evils of political correctness; it’s surprising because I only posted this piece a half hour back.  Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know this second site is up and functioning.

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