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A recent comment from a good friend of mine is the basis for the following question which I’m putting out to any and all readers of my current blog.  But first a little background.  I created ‘’ with the idea it would be a collection of thoughts and observations on the experiences of a sixty year old man newly relocated to rural south central Alaska after living his entire life within urban settings in the lower 48.  I entertain the vague notion of using these observations along with other writings in the form of emails and similar to one day write a book on my experiences.  Initially I was true to this idea and wrote mainly about my experiences and learnings regarding my new Alaskan lifestyle.  But then topics off this theme began to creep into my writings.  At first they were few but have been increasing in frequency of late.  The aforementioned friend suggested I might think about creating a separate blog for topics like politics, philosophical discussions or evaluations of current events and cultural leanings.  Initially I thought this might be too much but now I am not so sure.  Without question doing so would keep my existing blog ‘cleaner’ in the sense it would truly focus on my life, experience and learnings in rural Alaskan living.  So with this in mind I’m seeking any feedback regarding creating a second blog site to deal exclusively with my wanderings in the political and philosophical arenas.  Please feel free to offer up any thoughts; as always I welcome all serious, civilized comments…

4 thoughts on “Open Question…

  1. Politics and philosophy? How do they go together? I personally do not want to read another political blog, where people rant about the current or previous governments, the good old times or the horrible future. Maybe I have too much of an aversion against politics…
    Philosophy on the other hand that could be interesting.

    I am asking myself occasionally, why publish a blog at all? Why share thoughts or personal experiences with perfect strangers? Just because we have the technology is everybody now a writer, a photographer, a journalist (myself included)?

    Is it because we have something to say? Is it going to make a difference? Why do we need an audience?

    I have been following your blog with interest and maybe that is all there is. Just write what’s on your mind and let your audience decide…

    In general, I like to read about real life experiences. Not so much about how things should or should not be.

    There you have it. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m thinking more and more I need to separate my ramblings on philosophies, cultural observations and similar from my writings on my experiences and learnings living in rural south central Alaska. I’m thinking I will keep ‘’ for the latter and start another blog site for the more opinionated, ethereal stuff. As to why do we blog; that’s a most interesting question! I do so because I want to share my experiences, observations and learnings with others; I sometimes hope doing so will generate some dialog which will in turn offer me some new perspective. So I guess in sense, at least for me, blogging is a way to offer up information as well as seek new or different information. And, as I mentioned earlier, I hope to use much of the blogging material in a book about learning to not only survive but thrive in rural south central Alaska.

  2. Kevin Widener

    We personally visit your blog to learn about your adventures, experiences and learnings in your new home. The images are incredible and illustrate the vast beauty of the “great northern land.” I am constantly affirmed that you made a wonderful decision. While the wonder of Alaska is without question, they are also your experiences, insights and perspectives. One reads this with a full understanding as to who is the author. Alaska, much like you, is unique. That said your perspectives on politics, philosophy or other insights are in my opinion inseparable and even inspired from your life experiences in Alaska. You have stated several times that you can tell a change in yourself and I think that this is all part of your journey which is very well shared in this medium. Thank you for taking the time to make us part of this journey.

    • Hey Kev,

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m really struggling with this concept right now but I believe it is going to shake out in this fashion: I will continue ‘’ as the site dedicated to my ‘rebirth’ and continued development in rural south central Alaska. I am going to start a second blog – I’m thinking ‘Outta The’ might be a good name – which I will dedicate to creations like my ramblings on judgmental-ism. If I get that wild hair that drives me to question some aspect of our society, culture or world and pronounce some form of judgment or perspective I’d post it on the ‘second’ site. I think this will keep ‘’ more pure and true to its original focus and it would also make it easier to review and utilize if and when I write a book about my experiences. Without question there will be some blurring of these divides as my spiritual and philosophic side emerges often when I’m writing about living up here; I expect this to happen and am fine with the prospect. Its a gorgeous day today; partly cloudy skies, slight SW breeze and an air temp pf 60.2 F with 38% RH. If this was the norm for summer up here I’d be ecstatic; however, I see we’re forecast to be into the upper sixties to lower seventies into the weekend. That’s a continuation of this warm cycle I’ve seen since I relocated and which really kicked in almost exactly a year ago. Its interesting that the average high temperature in the warmest month of the year in Talkeetna – July – is 69 F.

      Hope alls well with you and your wonderful family; as always please give them my very best. I will continue to post my experiences, learnings and perspectives regarding Alaska and Alaskan living on ‘’; after all, that’s where my heart truly resides…

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