2 thoughts on “Recurving Snow and Ice

  1. Ah the joy of spring..melting snow…muddy roads…mosquitoes….bears and the rumble of massive amounts of snow sliding off the roof.

  2. Hey Pete – Yep, they’re all in the not so distant future with the exception of the latter; just yesterday while out with the dogs I looked over the roof carefully and there’s only a small ‘edge’ of ice hanging from the eves. If we see many more 45 F plus days it’ll either melt away or just slip off but if the latter its not enough to make any noise. Back a couple weeks I was hearing those massive ‘thumps’ when a large piece of ice and snow let go and impacted the earth. Given how terribly wet September and October were last fall (192% and 291% of normal monthly rainfall respectively!) I cannot imagine break up being much worse in terms of mud and standing water. The bears and the mosquitoes have yet to make an appearance although I did hear some snow machiners found bear tracks in the snow a bit to the east of here…

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