High Pressure Brings Clear Skies and Heavy Frost

The cooler weather continues unabated and that has all us locals smiling once again although we would sure like to see more snow…as in a few feet more!  Still and all its been wonderful to feel the cold once more.  With this recent streak of cooler temps – this morning was the first below zero temp I’ve recorded since December 27th’s -15.7 F and that makes 40 contiguous days across one of the two coldest months in Talkeetna – has come clear weather and heavy morning frost.  I thought I’d seen ‘heavy’ frost in the lower 48 but once again Alaska has trumped my previous perceptions.  We’ve seen eight straight days of clear weather and each day the frost has grown more and more mainly because daytime temps have remained in the teens with night-time lows slowly dropping from the single digits to around 0 F.  As this occurs the frost builds across the days to form some amazing structures as evidenced by the following images:


Ice crystal formation on the railing of my back porch


A screw on my back porch railing pushed up by the repeated freeze/thaw cycles


A frost sheathed small tree in my back yard

The build up of frost can and does produce beauty equivalent to the aftermath of an ice storm but without all the resultant damage.  It’s especially pretty in the sunlight.  In the lower 48 the sun would normally melt off any frost but its been cold enough recently and the sun remains at a low enough angle that this hasn’t happened.  Given we’re forecast to remain a bit cooler than normal across the next seven days there’s little doubt the frost will continue to grown with the passing days.  Once more my new home both surprises me and amazes me with its unexpected beauty!

2 thoughts on “High Pressure Brings Clear Skies and Heavy Frost

  1. I tried to click through to you regular blog page but now that i am back on the satellite everything is slower or will not connect. Anyway glad your back to cooler weather (makes for better driving too). Today we had maybe half a foot of snow and expect more. As sick as I am though that snow will be hard as a rock by the time I get out there..

  2. Hey Pete – Glad to hear you folks received some solid snow; we finally saw some brief snow showers Thursday afternoon that totaled all of 0.8″ accumulation. I suppose I should be happy we saw some snow but we really need another few feet and given the winter to date that’s not in the cards. Last night the wind came up – very rare occurrence for this area – and it remains a ‘strong breeze’ (25 to 31 mph) by the Beaufort Scale this morning. I have to drive to Wasilla for the monthly grocery run so I supposed I should be pleased it didn’t snow a foot but I’d rather have delayed my trip and seen such snow! Given its this windy in Talkeetna I’d wager its a borderline hurricane in the Wasilla-Palmer area. Sure hope you heal up soon; I hate being sick!!

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