Big Ravens Up Here!!

Big Ravens Up Here!!

From a distance I thought perhaps this fellow was an eagle but once I moved a bit closer I recognized it as a raven. These birds are just plain big up here as one can see by looking at the bird in relationship to the pole and cross member. In addition this image shows just how still the air is up here; it had been six days since the last snow fall yet the lines remain coated with snow as does the cross member.

2 thoughts on “Big Ravens Up Here!!

  1. Cathy Crowder

    Are you noticing slightly longer sunlight hours yet?

  2. Hey Cathy – Funny you should ask as I just wrote a friend in Michigan that I can just begin to see more daylight; you have to be looking for it but its there. Thanks for the excellent tutoring on handling making a back up of the studio system; I’m downloading an installable copy of ‘Snow Leopard’ from my nephew’s server as I type this message. When I get the mini-Mac I’m going to follow your instructions to make a back up of its ‘Mountain Lion’ OS, then install ‘Snow Leopard’ on it along with the apps currently used on the studio Mac and get busy learning the Mac OS and hardware. Its kinda spooky to realize that the studio Mac is the basis for almost all our local broadcasting (i.e. news, promos, underwriter IDs, some music, etc.); if it ever died I’m not sure how KTNA would handle local newscasts. Sure, many years back they did so without the Mac but I’m betting there’s maybe only one person who might recall how it was done and I’m also betting none of the volunteers would know how to do a newscast with the Mac and hence would be unable to fulfill their duties. There are three other systems at the station and I believe they are Macs but they are also generally in use by the staff and hence not readily available to use as a replacement for the studio system. This situation could get very interesting in the near term…

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