Amazing Moon Light

I’ve assembled a few images taken yesterday (Wednesday) morning around 06:00 AKST.  The air was crystal clear thanks to no fog and an air temp of -23 F.  The images are mainly looking at portions of my back yard.  I found it amazing that I could actually read printing on a large bag of dog food by just the light of the moon and through the dining room window at that!


This image was taken from my bedroom on the second floor and is look mainly to the west


A small portion of my lot to the west of the house as back lit by that brilliant moon; the temp was around -23 F when this was taken


The fluffy snow is showing small ‘sparkles’ in the bright moon light; the foreground shows the back porch railing with the precipitation gauge I use to generate daily readings which I send in to CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative, Rain, Hail and Snow) network

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