Big Ravens Up Here!!

Big Ravens Up Here!!

From a distance I thought perhaps this fellow was an eagle but once I moved a bit closer I recognized it as a raven. These birds are just plain big up here as one can see by looking at the bird in relationship to the pole and cross member. In addition this image shows just how still the air is up here; it had been six days since the last snow fall yet the lines remain coated with snow as does the cross member.

Anana & Qanuk Looking East Down East Barge Drive

Anana & Qanuk Looking East Down East Barge Drive

This image was taken Christmas Eve around 14:30 from just shy of the intersection of East Barge Drive and the Spur. The air is so clear because it was -12.9 F at the time with no wind. I like the image because it gives some indication of the depth of the local snow pack and also gives a feel for that invigorating ‘Alaska chill’ that makes winter so enjoyable up here.

Sun & Snow

Sun & Snow

Its not uncommon to get brief impulses which pass through the cold air in the lower elevations and generate brief periods of snow; this is just such an event. It was captured just as I was leaving Talkeetna on the Spur around 12:55 AKST on Monday, December 23rd. Three of these bands of snow eventually deposited 1.5″ of snow in Talkeetna and 0.8″ of snow at my place on Mile 7.1 of the Spur.

Snowy Dog Food Run

Snowy Dog Food Run

That’s my blue Escape with Anana’s head out the left rear window (Qanuk’s head is doing the same on the right side); we drove to Cubby’s Market to purchase dog food as I allowed their supply to run low and given the ongoing snow (we have about five inches now) and the forecast to snow into tomorrow morning I decided it was best to handle the re-supply now.