At The Risk Of Being Repetitive…

…once again its raining like there’s no tomorrow in the Talkeetna area and it has been doing so for the last 9 consecutive hours.  The forecast is for this to continue for at least another 9 to 12 hours.  To this point we’ve received 1.50″ of rain (that’s my official posting to CoCoRaHS – the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network) which when added to the already well above normal October rainfall yields a total thus far of 7.27″ of rain which is 250% of the normal for October.  Given the heavy rain is  expected to continue at least through the middle afternoon its entirely possible we’ll see another 0.75″ of rainfall.  Assuming this does occur we’ll be at 8.01″ of rainfall by October 29th which is 276% of normal!  Given September was around 200% of normal for precipitation you can see its been a very wet, and warm, last couple of months. 

We should be seeing nothing but snow for precipitation now but the extremely mild temperature pattern continues although there are finally signs it is breaking down and we just might see some solid snow by the end of this week.  This current deluge is entirely explained by the remnants of the super typhoon that struck Japan and adjacent areas last week which were pulled to the north and east and hence right over the interior of Alaska.  From my readings such situations are not all that common but not unheard of as well; one thing that does make this one stand out is just how late into the season it occurred.  Had it been cold enough to snow we might well have seen anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of snow to this point!  However, as has been the case for the past month our temps are hovering right around the middle 30’s with very little variation; across the past 24 hours our high temp was 38.7 F and the low was 36.3 F.

Life in rural south central Alaska has certainly been an adventure to this point and the weather has definitely played its part.  Given its almost November the snow and cold can hardly hold off much longer; as such I should be in for round two of some serious learnings regarding living in this area.  I think I’m ready so bring ’em on..!!