Teklanika Splendor

Teklanika River splendor from bluff south of Teklanika campsite

A gorgeous September day in Denali NP&P!  I climbed a small knoll bordering the Teklanika River just north of the Teklanika camp site at Mile 29.1 of the Park Road and took this picture looking south down the river.  The Teklanika camp site is my favorite; its the only location where one can purchase a reserved spot at the site and drive one’s vehicle into the Park to its location 29 miles inside the Park boundary; all other ‘civilian’ traffic must stop at Savage River Station which is roughly Mile 15.  The sites are just pullouts which have a cleared area for tent camping or parking a travel trailer/RV and a fire pit along with a picnic table.  The site also has vaulted toilets and potable water as long as its not frozen.  Its here I’ve tent camped to awaken to the sound of grizzlies just outside the tent seeking roots, tubers and berries and almost shared a cup of early morning coffee with a Timber wolf.

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